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Meet our Trainers


John Sagal


My name is John Sagal.   I am the owner/operator of Mountain Maryland Firearms training, formally known as Boston Hill Training.  I am an avid hunter and fisherman and a lifelong resident of Allegany County, Maryland and a Veteran of The United States Air Force. 


I performed duties as a Security Policeman, Heavy Weapons operator, (81 mm Mortar, 50 Cal. Machine Gun, and 90mm Recoilless Rifle) and Emergency Services Team (EST) Hostage Rescue/Counter-Terrorism team member/leader while stationed in South Korea.  I am also a retired Maryland State Police Trooper. Upon my retirement from the Maryland State Police, I served in Afghanistan, Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) as a civilian contractor embedded with The US Military in several different Provinces from Helmand to Mazar-e-sharif. 


I have been certified in numerous weapons systems, trained as a Range Safety Officer,  and PSD (Personal Security Detail) operator.  I currently hold the rank of 4th Dan, Black Belt, Master Instructor in The Korean Martial Art of Hapkido under the tutelage of Grand Master Chang, Yong Sil.   I am a NRA Certified RSO (Range Safety Officer), Basic Rifle, and Basic Pistol instructor as well as a certified handgun instructor through the Maryland State Police.  I am also a certified Hunter's Safety Instructor with the State of Maryland.  I am eager to share my training, experience, and knowledge with my cliental at Mountain Maryland Firearms Training.  

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